Personal Finance

Pathways to Financial Freedom(9)


Session 1: Bringing Balance to Your Budget presented by Evelyn Flores of Edward Jones

The start of any good plan needs a solid foundation. You must understand how your money works and how to control it. A basic budget can change living from paycheck to paycheck to starting a six-month emergency fund. Come get some awesome knowledge from Ms. Flores.

Session 2: Relevance of Credit: Learn How to Build It, Sustain It and Repair It presented by Jessica Tassy of Bank of America

People increasingly depend on credit in their everyday lives, including using it to buy necessities. Let’s shake the foundation and learn how to make credit work to our advantage.

Session 3: How Insurance Can Protect Your Assets presented by Arleatha Henderson of Prudential Financial

If you haven’t done any asset protection planning, your wealth is vulnerable to potential future creditors and, should the worst happen, you could lose everything. Lawsuits, taxes, accidents and other financial risks are facts of everyday life. Though you’d like to believe that you’re safe, even the most careful person can experience misfortune. Insure Against: Death, Disability, Medical Risk, Long-Term Care, Liability, and Property Loss.

Session 4: Your Will, Your Way presented by Leonard Grant of Primerica Financial Services

Sadly, in lower socio-economic communities, too many people wait until they are deceased to let others take care of their estate. If someone dies without a will, their property goes into probate and will ultimate cost the family more. Learn how to write your own will or get help from a legal professional in this informational session.