Our Story

As a black woman who did all of the things that society told me to do (went to college, law school and had a family), I was wildly unequipped to deal with the financial aspect of becoming an adult. I knew how to balance a checkbook, but learning how or why to develop an adequate emergency fund was not something that our family ever discussed.

Now, being fully thrust into adulthood, I’m tired of watching my community struggle. My sisters are working multiple jobs to make ends meet, never seeing the end in sight. When they finally decide to take the plunge to create their own destiny, they are unequipped to make sure that their ventures are success and struggle alone to create something to be proud of.

My dream is to educate and help my people, my family, friends, community to not make decisions because they are forced to, but because they want to.

Mission Statement

Androsia Education builds a strong financial foundation by providing information that creates awareness and understanding through its partnerships with local professionals and crafted courses to give people the ability to live a better life.

Vision Statement

Androsia Education strives to be the United States leader in educating the average individual to become the most knowledgeable investor.

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